Original Medium Soft

$149 $97

This is our original pillow. It has a medium softness. We also have an ultra soft option. Recommended if you are a back sleeper. If you like to sleep on your side and back, we recommend the Ultra Soft Pillow. This pillow lasts 3-5 years. That's an average of $23 a year for sleep wrinkle free, hydrated, flawless skin. Yes please! 
    • The Flawless Face Pillow helps you to sleep on your back by cradling your head in place all night. This is the best position you can adapt for youthful and radiant skin!
    • Sleep on your back or sides without creasing your face!
    • Keep your face hydrated at night by keeping your creams and oils on your face instead of on your flat pillow!
    • Keep your hair residue and hair oil away from your face at night, preventing acne and other skin conditions!
    • Help your lashes last longer by not letting them get squished into or rubbed off by your flat pillow!
    • Made in the USA! 
    • Dermatologist Recommended for Radiant and Youthful Skin!

$97 (Comes with a custom satin pillowcase) Regular Price $149