Ultra Soft Pillow + Satin Pillowcase


Our new ultra soft Flawless Face Pillow is plush, light and feels as if you are slipping off to dreamland on a cloud. This pillow is recommended for the back and side sleeper. 

The Flawless Face Pillow is uniquely designed to help you prevent wrinkles while you sleep and wake up feeling beautiful and well-rested. Each pillow is uniquely designed with your beauty in mind. Simply lay back onto your bed as your pillow cradles your head in place all night without squishing your lashes or leaving pesky sleep wrinkles on your face. 

We know you invest in your beauty and want your skincare products to work at their best. That’s why we designed our pillow to keep your skincare products where they belong - on your face. No longer will your skincare regime wastefully seep into your pillow. Even more, your lashes will last longer since they are no longer squished into or rubbed off by your flat pillow. Because our one-of-a-kind pillow doesn’t rub your face, you will keep hair residue and hair oil away from your face at night, preventing acne and other skin conditions. And yes, our pillow is dermatologist recommended for Radiant and Youthful Skin! 

Proudly made and manufactured in the USA.