A Beauty Soak for your Skin and Hair


If you’re anything like me, when you are in an unpredictable or new climate it can be extremely frustrating anticipating how your skin and hair will behave.  Especially in coastal cities like Seattle, Washington, the weather can change so abruptly that it’s hard to keep up!   


In the category of anti-wrinkle pillows and anti-aging pillows we see benefits in excess of just keeping sleep lines from forming on the face and neck during the night.  While reducing compression on the skin is extremely beneficial in the prevention of wrinkles, a unique benefit that the Flawless Face Pillow beauty pillow offers is keeping your skin-care products on your skin where you want them, and off your bed where you don’t. This ensures your toners, moisturizers and vitamin complexes are really doing their job, and not just for a couple hours until you rub them off in your sleep, but for the entire night to truly make a difference in your skin.   


Excitingly, the Flawless Face Pillow also ensures your hair is smoothed by our satin cover pillowcase all throughout the night, as research has shown that satin pillowcases allow the beneficial oils in your hair to stay put instead of being drained by non-satin fabrics in your bed or clothing.   All of this leads to the naturally efficient stability of your skin and hair to stay dewy, hydrated, smoothed and glowing, leaving you with a lot less work and worry over your travels and plans.  So, whether you find yourself in the climate of Seattle, WA or Miami, FL you can rest easy knowing what to expect from your luscious skin and silky hair, with the best beauty-soak pillowcase: Flawless Face Pillow!