I’ve been using the Flawless Face Pillow for about 6 weeks now and I wake up so refreshed! It allows me to sleep on my back or my side and I don’t squish my face while I’m in dream land. I love that when I’m putting on my pricey night time beauty regime that its going to stay on my face and not go all over my pillow!

Teresa Giudice - NEW JERSEY

The Flawless Face Pillow is GENIUS!!!

I've slept on it the past few nights and it is SO comfortable! I've been looking for a pillow that doesn't cause wrinkles and is gentle on my lash extensions, and this one is it! Another added bonus? All the skin products I apply at night stay on my face instead of absorbing into a pillow case!


I love this pillow! I sleep with it on its back and I sleep on my side. SOOOOO comfortable:) I've told all my friends. My lashes are still on and no wrinkles!


I am a lash artist, and have recently discovered the Flawless Face Pillow through Instagram. I am blown away by how easy it is to sleep in, and the way it preserves my lashes at night. I have started recommending it to all my lash clients and I'm sure they will love it as well!

Laura - Chicago

"I have suffered from acne throughout my entire adult life. After sleeping on the Flawless Face Pillow for 2 weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement with my skin texture and acne reduction. I am so happy to have found this pillow!"


"I am so grateful I found this pillow on Instagram! I now wake up looking better then when I went to bed! No more worrying about those pesky creases near my eyes! I have recommended this pillow to all my girlfriends." 

Mel - El Paso, Texas

"I have been sleeping on the Flawless Face Pillow for over a month, and every morning I wake up, I am so ecstatic to see all my face cream actually on my face, and not my pillow! In love!"

Amy- Nevada

Love this pillow! I have never seen anything like it before. I was a bit skeptical and didn't know if it would be comfortable to sleep in, but the first night I tried it, I ended up sleeping on my back the entire night. I woke up with my oil still on my face! I didn't realize that was even possible. Obsessed!

Bree - Orange County, CA

I am a makeup artist in Arizona, and came across this pillow online. So far, I am loving the way my skin looks in the morning. No creases and my skin looks so dewy! Makes getting ready in the morning so much easier:) 

Samantha - Scottsdale AZ

I finally got my Flawless Face Pillow, and I love it! I love how my lashes stay in place all night, and my pricey face cream stays on my face! In love with this pillow! I wake up so refreshed!

Mary - Los Angeles

I found this pillow through Instagram, and am so glad I did. I have tried other anti wrinkle pillows before, and they were all the same. They have a small cutout on the side, where I was supposed to keep my cheek in all night. Here is where that failed for me.

I would always go to sleep in the exact cutout. However, when I would wake up at night, my cheek was once again on the flat portion of the "Anti Wrinkle" pillow, and once again, I would get those nasty creases directly next to my eye. It sucked. I have spent so much money on these other "Anti wrinkle pillows, and to have them fail miserably was so disappointing! 

When I saw the design for the Flawless Face Pillow, I knew they were onto something. It makes so much sense. I can start off on my back, and if I turn to my side, the pillow follows. I am excited to say the least, and I'm so thankful that the founder pursued her idea and gave us this solution we all so desperately needed! 

Ashley - Maine

I'm in the sun a lot , so at night I make sure to treat my skin to rich serums and creams. What disappointed me was no matter how hard I tried to sleep on my back, I would always end up cramming my face into my pillow. I would wake up and there was no cream left in sight. I have only tried the Flawless Face Pillow for one night. 

Night 1. I lied on my back like recommended. The foam was so soft, that I didn't even feel like moving. I got up to use the restroom at night, and my cream was still on:) I then moved to my right side for the remainder of the night, and it was surprisingly comfortable. I woke up in the same position, and still, creams on my face. So far I am really impressed and will keep you posted...

Maddie - Virginia, VA