The Flawless Face Pillow is a revolutionary new pillow design, created by a woman who tried every other "anti-wrinkle" pillow on the market.

Inventor / Founder - Elena Kaminskiy

The Flawless Face Pillow was born out of a desperate need, not only to the general public, but to our company founder (Elena) personally. Like many women, she loves to apply her favorite creams and oils at night before bedtime, but was continually frustrated by waking up every morning only to discover that those (very expensive) oils and creams she applied every night had been absorbed by her flat pillow!

Then there were those pesky "sleep wrinkles" from sleeping on one side for too long. Desperate for a solution to these problems (and to sleep any darn way she wanted to), Elena started Googling, and Googling, and Googling. She purchased every anti-wrinkle pillow she could find – all promising the world. However, all they really delivered was disappointment by over-promising and under-delivering. Most of them were flat, with a "cut-out" your cheek is supposed to magically fall into at night. It sounded great in theory, but every morning, Elena would wake up with her face on the flat portion of the pillow, her expensive oils and creams all rubbed off, and the sleep wrinkles mocking her and saying, "We're baaaaaaack!"

She thought to herself, "There has to be a better way." It was at that moment that an idea formed in her head – well, actually, around her head . . . the Flawless Face Pillow was born! If light bulbs really do appear over your head when you have a great idea, hers would have been one of those 1500-watt bulbs they use at baseball stadiums.

"What if..." she thought - (the two words every revolutionary idea throughout history has started with) - "what if there was a pillow that wrapped around your head and was able to stay on all night? She ran to the drawing board and started working on designs. It had to be comfortable, not touch the side of your face, and be able to move with you. It took over a year and twenty (yes, 20!) different prototypes to get the pillow just right, but Elena didn’t quit. Finally, the perfect design for the Flawless Face Pillow was found.

We are sure you will enjoy this revolutionary pillow just as much as we do!
The benefits of the Flawless Face Pillow are endless. You are not only preventing those pesky sleep wrinkles (that gradually become permanent wrinkles), you are also keeping your face products (and eyelashes) where they belong all night - on your face, not your pillow. It’s also very soft and comfortable!