Beauty Sleep, Redefined.


Are you fed up with those pesky sleep wrinkles? This is not something you are facing alone.  9 out of 10 women have experienced those nasty creases! Women try and hide those marks and skin wrinkles by applying different makeup products and creams, hoping to camouflage them. Some try to resolve this problem by paying for expensive appointments to the dermatologists. Some people consider them as a part of aging and simply give up. But wait!!! Do you know the root cause of this problem???

After years of research, many dermatologists analyzed that the root problem of sleep wrinkles and related skin issues is your very own pillow and your sleeping routines. When your skin gets compressed every night for 7-8 hours, that pressure slowly but surely leave lines on the face that become permanent as we age. In addition to the compression on your face, the regular pillows also absorb the heat, dirt, and oil from the atmosphere. Women usually apply night creams, serums and toners on their faces which rubs on the pillow surface and the next time when they use those pillows, all that dirt and buildup now gets reabsorbed onto your fresh clean skin! Yuck! When your skin gets in direct contact with the dirt it gets transferred in your skin, ultimately clogging your skin pores.

Conversely, it damages the lashes as well whether they are your own natural lashes or lash extensions. What is the solution? We all need to sleep! The solution is a pillow that allows you to sleep comfortably without creasing your face! Easier said than done?

There are a lot of flat anti-wrinkle pillows on the market that are flat with a small cut out for your face. The problem is, you toss and turn at night, making it very difficult if not impossible to keep your face is the small cutout.

This is where the Flawless Face Pillow comes in and is truly a lifesaver to women everywhere! The pillow has strategically placed cutouts that allow you to sleep on your back, or sides without getting all your expensive product transferred onto your pillow!

Not only that, this pillow keeps your face stay hydrated, keeping your creams and toners on your face and have them work like they were intended to. Your hair oil and face oil are no longer mixing, preventing acne and other skin conditions. The Flawless Face Pillow is truly a game changer and women everywhere are finally getting some real beauty sleep!