How to Achieve Radiant Summer Skin in 2020!

We have all been there. Googling how to get clean, radiant and glowing skin. We think to ourselves, how can it be so complicated? Why am I constantly breaking out? Am I using the right products? Help! Today we are here to breakdown the basics of skincare and how you can achieve that simply stunning glow.


  1. Nutrition- Let’s start with the basics. We have all heard the phrase, you are what you eat right? That is very true, and critical to glowing skin. You see, when we put healthy nutritious foods into our body, it is visible from the outside. Starting your morning with a tall glass of lemon water to get your digestive track moving is an excellent start. Get your morning going with some nutritious eggs or avocado toast. Or you can opt to go with healthy granola and almond milk. Whatever you choose, find something that is tasty and nutritious. Lunch can be some salmon or grilled chicken with a salad, and dinner can be a light soup and grilled veggies. As you can see these foods are not highly processed and contain a lot of fresh veggies and good sources of protein.


  1. Water- We are composed of over 60% water and it is essential to a lively complexion. When you become dehydrated, your cells start to get brittle and wrinkles and dry skin are now visible. Try to drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and maintain plump skin.


  1. SPF- You should wear a good quality sunscreen each and every day. That’s right! 365 days a year even if you live in Alaska! The sun’s harmful rays are powerful even when we don’t notice it in the winter months, so protect your skin every day.


  1. Exfoliate- When we exfoliate we are removing the top dead layer of skin cells, and revealing new fresh skin below. If you only wash you face and never exfoliate, you are not allowing your skin cells to turn over property and thus end up with dull, tired looking skin. So try to exfoliate at least 2 times a week. A natural way would be to get some raw sugar, add some honey and olive oil and gently rub in small circles on your skin. Once complete rinse with warm water and pat dry.


  1. Sleep- We have all heard that getting our beauty sleep is a must. And that is very true. The body repairs and rebuilds itself when we sleep, so getting adequate sleep is extremely important. However, HOW we sleep is equally important to our sleep. Many women experience the dread of waking up with sleep lines and wrinkles and have them linger on their faces with what seems like all day until they finally begin to fade. The problem is that over time, especially as we age, those sleep wrinkles now become permanent! What is a good solution? The Flawless Face Pillow allows the user to sleep on their back or sides without squishing their face, and women are loving it! Invest in a product that will protect your skin product all night.


  1. Moisturize – Don’t forget to moisturize before bed as well as in the morning. This helps create a barrier between your skin and locks your products into place. This is the last step you apply at night before bed and the last step you apply before any makeup goes on in the AM.


  1. Vitamin C- Vitamin C restores your skin cells and evens out any dullness. Apply it with sunscreen in the morning and this duo is a powerhouse! In the AM a good routine would be cleanse, essence, sunscreen and vitamin c, followed by a light moisturizer. You can then continue to a tinted moisturize and makeup.

We hope this gave you some valuable takeaway on your journey to achieving Radiant, Flawless Skin!