How to get amazing clear glass skin!


Let’s face it, we have all heard and have questions about how to get glass skin. We see it in magazines, on Instagram and have heard our friends at work talking about it. But how exactly do you get glass skin? Here we break down the best steps to achieve that ultra dewy glass skin look.


       1. Double cleansing is important. We recommend starting with an oil cleanser to dissolve any make up followed by a gel or foam cleanser to get down and clean out the pores. Look for cleansers that are as natural and organic as possible without any harsh or synthetic chemicals.

  1. Apply a good toner that will balance your skin pH and hydrate. Toners remove dead buildup of old skin without causing tears on the surface like some scrubs can do.
  1. Apply an essence that contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated.
  1. Do not forget your serum. This will help your product sink into your skin and add an extra level of moisture.
  2. Speaking of moisturizer, let’s seal in all this product with a good lightweight moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated throughout the night.
  1. Beauty sleep. After applying our favorite products, we want to make sure they actually stay on our skin at night. After trying all the anti-wrinkle pillows on the market, the founder of the Flawless Face Pillow decided to create a pillow that actually keeps your expensive face products on your skin where they belong instead of wiping them away on the pillow. To learn more about this revolutionary pillow you can visit

The final important step is to make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and learn to manage stress as much as possible. All these combinations will help you achieve that dewy glass skin look!