Stop the nightly abuse to your face


Many researchers all agree that the pressure of sleeping on your side each night contributes to sleep wrinkles that become permanent. The market has plenty of so called “anti-wrinkle" solutions.


Flat pillows compress, stretch, push, and pull your skin overnight, which can lead to sleep wrinkles over time, explain board-certified dermatologists.

Since sleep wrinkles aren’t caused by normal facial contractions, you can’t get rid of them with fillers or Botox. “You can use all the best retinoid, anti-wrinkle creams, and even sunscreens but that compression to the skin is still happening every night!


The best way to prevent sleep wrinkles is by sleeping on your back. However that is a lot easier said than done! A lot of women have difficulty training themselves to sleep in this position and fail. There are some flat anti-wrinkle pillows on the market, and they expect you to sleep in the little cutout on the side at night.


However, this is near impossible, as the user moves around at night. This is why we invented a pillow that actually helps you sleep on your back, and your sides without creasing your face. The Flawless Face Pillow is a revolutionary pillow design that is slated to revolutionize the anti wrinkle market.

Your skincare routine can now be more effective, and your beauty sleep, just that, actual beauty sleep. To learn more about this amazing pillow, the founder, and order your own, visit: