The Problem with a Regular Pillow and Your Skin


Have you ever noticed the increase in wrinkle marks after sleeping? How about stubborn acne that won’t go away? Here’s one we don’t really think about…lash damage. And not just for  lash extensions, but our own delicate lashes.  Most of the time people think that sleep wrinkles, acne, and brittle lashes  appearing on their face is because of the excessive use of chemical-based products and frequent use of heavy makeup, while some consider their skin sensitive and think that the skincare products they are using doesn’t suit their skin type. But the real reason behind sleep wrinkles and acne is their routine sleeping habits. Many don’t realize that they are allowing their delicate skin to be entailed in dirt, grim and bacteria by simply sleeping on their pillow. All that bacteria starts to clog your pores.  

Consider the nightly use of a pillow. You are compressing your freshly washed and moisturized face into a flat pillow that is most likely ridden with bacteria from your hair oil alone. When you toss and turn at night, you hair oil is transferred onto your pillow, and thus your face. In addition, the skincare products you apply at night get wiped off on the pillow and absorb with other environmental dirt. With regular use of that pillow, those particles harm your skin.

Dermatologists recommend sleeping on an anti-wrinkle pillow to help with this problem. However, all of the anti-wrinkle pillows on the market are flat, and offer a small cutout for your cheek. The problem with this type of pillow is that as you move around at night, you do not know where your face will land, and most likely than not, it doesn’t land in that cutout.

The Flawless Face Pillow has designed a new type of pillow which promotes sleeping on your back. In addition, if you do move to your side, the pillow moves with you and provides a nice cutout for your face.

The result? All that face cream and product you applied now stays where it belongs, on your skin! You hair oil? It does not come in contact with your delicate skin! Those lashes do not get creased any longer! The Flawless Face Pillow is a must for any woman who appreciates taking care of her skin. To order visit