What are Sleep Wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles are caused by compression to the skin while you sleep. Did you know one of the leading causes of wrinkles after Sun / UV exposure is sleeping? Imagine crushing your face for 6-8 hours each night? That is equal to 2,200 - 2,900 hours per year!

Let's put a stop to the nightly abuse!

The Flawless Face Pillow is expertly designed to help you sleep on your back, which is the best sleeping position you can adapt. If you are a side sleeper, you can also sleep on your sides with our strategically placed cutouts that prevent your face from crushing into your pillow. There is no other pillow on the market, that can move with you as you move from your back to your sides at night!

What are you waiting for? Are you Ready to Wake up Flawless?

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