Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Flawless Face Pillow so popular?

A: Our CLOUD pillow is made with hypoallergenic luxury, silky poly fil. It is very plush, thicker than original and super comfortable to sleep with. In terms of comfort, customers are loving the CLOUD!


Q: What are the best sleeping positions?

A: Position # 1

Dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back for glowing skin. The Flawless Face Pillow may help you sleep on you back by cradling your head in place all night! With the Cloud, you can sleep on the pillow in any of the four U-shape cutouts.


Position # 2

Side sleeper, make sure pillow is on its back. This way the cutout still exposes the face, reducing the chance of wrinkles and the position is comfortable. You can also position your head to expose your ear.


Q: How long does the Flawless Face Pillow last?

A: The Flawless Face Pillow is made to last around 3-5 years with proper care and storage. That's about $35-$55 a year for radiant, flawless skin. Yes please!

Q: Is the Flawless Face Pillow comfortable?

A: Yes! Our handmade pillows are specifically designed with your comfort in mind. Our beauty pillow is hand sewn and hand stuffed with silky soft poly-fil, that allows you to fluff to your liking. The areas around your face are untouched so that your beauty products aren’t wiped away. You can move to either side without worrying about absorbing skin care products into your flat pillow, ruining lashes, or getting sleep wrinkles. 


Q: What is the outer material made of?

A: The only material your face and hair will touch is our charmeuse satin pillowcase. All of our pillows come with the satin pillowcase. This is great for your hair because it prevents breakage and moisture loss. Our satin options also benefit your skin. The only part of your face that comes into contact with the pillow is the area around your temples, but our luxurious fabrics won’t absorb moisture like standard pillowcases do. 


Q: How do you wash this pillow?

A: The outer cover comes off for easy washing. Either hand wash or dry clean the cover. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. (Do not wash the actual pillow, only the outer cover.)


Q: Where is the pillow produced? 

A: The Flawless Face Pillow is proudly designed and manufactured in San Diego, California.


Q: Do I place the Flawless Face Pillow on my current pillow, or by itself?

A: The Flawless Face Pillow is designed to be used alone without any other pillow. Simply place it on your bed, get into a comfortable position and drift off into sweet dreams! If you want extra height, you can place the Flawless Face Pillow on top of your current pillow.


Q: What is the difference between the other “anti-wrinkle” pillows on the market and the Flawless Face Pillow?

A: There is nothing like the Flawless Face Pillow on the market. All of the anti-wrinkle pillows currently available are flat with only a side cut-out for your face. The companies selling these pillows expect you to turn over while you’re in a deep sleep and have your cheek accidentally fall into this opening every time. Of course, that never happens. If your experience is anything like ours, your face ends up on the edge of the pillow, expensive lotions rubbed off, your cheek full of deep creases, and the pillow covered with torn-out eyelashes. (And all us ladies know they aren’t cheap!) The Flawless Face Pillow ends all that nonsense by actually conforming to your head, with a soft, comfortable strap to keep it in place all night. Imagine - your face never touches the pillow’s surface! This allows all your beauty products to remain on your skin where they belong, and removes the worry of those sleep wrinkles becoming permanent.

With the Flawless Face Pillow, you’re not buying just another pillow that makes promises it can’t keep - you’re making an investment in yourself, maximizing the benefits of your face lotions, protecting your hair from over-drying, protecting your expensive eyelashes, and, most importantly, getting a comfortable night’s sleep! The main reason for all those prototypes was our absolute commitment to providing you with a multi-benefit pillow without sacrificing luxury and comfort. Try it for yourself and see!